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our work in the community

The opportunities we reap today are built on the work done previously and rely on the continued health of the community and environment we live in.

Over the years the business and I have received generous support, advice and assistance from a good number of people – often freely.  Some I have known at a personal level, business level and in some cases not at all.  Out of respect for all of them and as a small token of gratuity Creating Homes currently actively gives back to the community on a couple of fronts.

Help Marlborough's retirees maintain their homes.


This is to a community in recognition of the personal sacrifices that they may have made and their work and contribution to society in the past which has created the opportunities we have today.

  • We offer a 10% discount on all labour to elderly homeowners who need  repairs and or maintenance around their personal Marlborough home.

If you know or are aware of such a deserving person in the community or would like to provide additional assistance to this cause, please do get in contact with us for more details.

Volunteer Business Mentor 

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Approximately 97% business operating in New Zealand are Small to Medium Sized enterprises (SME) with less than 19 employees and generate 28% of our GDP and employ 29% of all New Zealand employees. 

From personal experience owning and operating a SME has significant challenges in that you need to be wearing many different hats and often many of these at once.  Because the business is small there is often few people to talk through ideas, give guidance, tips or just emotional support and encouragement.  This is where a business mentor can be the difference between make or break in the success of a business. 

Over the years I have had mentors both informally and formally.  Over the past number of years and to date I have received the benefit of several business mentors through Business Mentors New Zealand (non-profit organization) who have been instrumental in getting me to where I am today.  Therefore, I strongly feel that by volunteering to personally be a mentor I can share the knowledge I have garnered over nearly 30 years in business, so they do not have to reinvent the wheel.  I believe that if we can help make those around us stronger personally and in business our local economy will be stronger which in turn will build a stronger community.

Waste Management


According to government and council documents 40-50% of all landfill in New Zealand is generated by the construction industry.  Creating Homes recognize this is not sustainable and needs to change.  This will take time to correct as we process "old construction" methods used in existing New Zealand homes, and until large scale recycling facilities become viable and subsequently built.


Saying this we are already taking steps to address this issue. 

  • We keep waste minimization in mind when purchasing materials.

  • We try use materials and build methods to ensure our projects last as long as possible. 

  • We reuse and repurpose waste materials where ever we can.

  • Where practicable we use more environmentally friendly products and construction methods.

  • All our waste is separated at source and we use recognized specialist waste management and recycling companies to handle all our waste. 


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