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A house begins to deteriorate from the moment it is built. The longer repairs are delayed the more expensive it is to fix. Identifying maintenance early and getting the work done quickly could save you thousands of dollars.

Whilst some repairs and maintenance can be a simple DIY job, others may involve different trades. It is also important to use the right products and best practice to ensure work lasts the test of time. Having the correct tools will make the job quicker and/or safer.

Creating Homes will remove the worry for you and ensure your asset is kept in tip top shape and looking good.  

If this sounds like you, it is easy to solve, just call us, so we can get our team onto this for you.


Dents, scrapes, peeling paint, breakages, leaks. Yes, we can often live with the damage, but it may be unsightly, get worse or even be unsafe not to mention devaluing your home.  


Creating Homes can step in and carry out those repairs - no matter how big or small.  Our knowledge of house construction, trades, products and access to the best tools and people for the job will ensure we can get the job done for you quickly and cost effectively.

Keep our contact details at hand just in case.  If you have something that you would like Creating Homes to look at please get in contact.

Painting & Decorating Blenheim

At Creating Homes “our why?” is customer satisfaction so we take pride in every job we do and will carry out your work in a professional, courteous, and friendly manner. Our inhouse decorating team have years of experience under their belt alongside exceptional design flair for colour schemes. 

Whether it’s part of a Creating Homes building project or a standalone painting / decorating job, we make it simple and have the expertise to elevate the finish with our workmanship and top quality products.

Please get contact for interior and exterior paint renovations, wallpaper installation, dry wall repair or anything other painting or decorating job for a consultation.


Has your family outgrown your home?  Does your home require an upgrade? Do you  want to improve your comfort in the home?   Whatever your reasons, renovations increase the value of your home, so if you want to sell your property in the future, you will generate higher revenue.


Renovations can often require multiple trades and professionals.  Co-ordinating these people and project managing to achieve what you are aiming for can be a challenge for many a homeowner.  Over the years, Creating Homes has  built  solid relationships with various professionals, trades, suppliers and we can advise, help design, source, project manage and undertake the building work ourselves.  

Our customers are at the forefront of our mind, and although there will always be disruption and possible challenges to overcome along the way, we strive to make this process as easy and as stress free for the homeowner as possible. 

Creating Homes aim is to bring your vision of a project to life and where possible, exceed expectations.

Got a project in mind, give us a call and we shall do all we can to help get it underway.


Warmer, dryer, healthier, quieter, easy to maintain, cheaper to run..  Could your home improve in any of these areas?

Home performance is a personal passion for Creating Homes.  With past experience of living  in 5 countries, it was a shock to find kiwi houses are not as comfortable as they could be and performing poorly when compared to other countries with a similar climate to ours.  The result is higher running costs, wasteful resources, less comfortable living conditions and in some instances deterioration in our health. 


Over the past 15 years Alun has learned as much as he can through formal training, studying what other countries are doing and visiting and talking to local leaders in home performance. Much of this learning has been tried and tested on previous homes and his current home.  Alun has also gathered a number of recognized qualifications to further stretch his understanding in this field, along with going through the design process for a new home with a goal to be certified Passive and with a High Homestar rating.


If you would like to bench mark your home to see how well its performance ranks or would like to find out what else could be done or in what order,  please make Alun’s day and give us a call.

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Home Performance Advice
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