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So, you've got a home and you would like it to be either warmer, dryer, better ventilated, more energy or water efficient, more sustainable, or plainly just cheaper to run and/or maintain.  These are all featuring more prominently on wish lists.  Especially with it becoming more publicised that our houses are performing poorly on all counts when compared to other countries with a similar climate to ours.  The result is higher running costs, wasteful resources, less comfortable living conditions and in some instances deterioration in our health.  All of this reduces our family’s wealth limiting what else we could and would prefer to be doing.

This is an area of particular interest and a passion for Alun who, if allowed to, could talk about this until the cows come home.  Jokes aside, having lived in other countries and experienced living in homes which have been built smarter (to be blunt) where inside temperatures did not fall below a set 24 degrees Celsius ever! With no crying windows, drafts, stale stagnant air or mould.  All this with outside temperature maximums of 3-5 degrees Celsius and minimal sun for days to weeks on end.  With total energy bills a third of those on arrival to a warmer climate in New Zealand and dealing with all the negative conditions mentioned.

Alun has personally gone through the process of fully upgrading their first original state 1970 home to the best as financially possible at the time.  Then designed and specified his current home to significantly above current building code.  He has also bought properties, totally striped them back, modernised and improved thermal and energy performance before reselling them for someone else to enjoy all the benefits.  Still not happy with his current homes performance he is going through the design process for a new home with a goal to be certified Passive and with High Homestar rating.

His knowledge has been garnered over time with lots of reading, conversations with others more experienced, along with a good dose of personal trial and errors.  He is also gathering a number of recognised qualifications under his belt to further stretch his understanding in this field.


If you would like to bench mark your home to see how well its performance ranks or would like to find out what else could be done or in what order, and have a little time up your sleeve😊 please make Alun’s day and give us a call.

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As a Homeowner you have a significant asset to your name.  The value of this asset has been roughly doubling every ten years over the past forty odd years.   However, this rate is only true if the home has been properly maintained.  All houses start to deteriorate from the day they are built and require maintenance from time to time to prevent further deterioration.  Remarkably, the current New Zealand building code only requires structural building products to last between 15 and 50 years depending on their location and function.

Whilst some maintenance can be a DIY task, depending on your time availability and DIY skills, it may be better to get someone else to do this for you.  Creating Homes has access to well-priced quality materials, time, skills and tools to safely do this work for you.  In addition, as we know building and do this type of work all day every day, we will probably get the job done quicker. 

We can remove the worry for you and ensure your asset is kept in tip top shape and looking good.  The bonus is we can give you back your spare time to spend with family and friends doing the things you honestly really would prefer to do.

If this sounds like you, please get in touch with us, so we can get our team onto this for you.


It happens to all of us either you, your family, friend or pet bang into something and dent, scrape or break something.  Or maybe the damage was caused by pests, vegetation, weather or that wobbly earth of ours or maybe it just broke.  Yes, we can often live with the damage, but it may be unsightly, get worse or even be unsafe let alone devalue your home.

This is where Creating Homes can step in and carry out those repairs - no matter how big or small.  Our knowledge of house construction, trades, products and access to the best tools and people for the job will ensure we can get the job done for you as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  That way we can ensure you can sit back and enjoy your home in safety and put that incident down to a good yarn with the mates or can be quickly forgotten - if needs be.


Keep our contact details at hand just in case.  Or If you have something that you would like Creating Homes to look at please get in contact.


Awesome you have got your forever home or maybe your steppingstone, either way things change.  Maybe it is an older home and new improved products are now available, new ways to live life have come about, maybe there is an addition to the family or the kids have flown the coup, maybe you are a little slower or less mobile than you used to be, maybe it’s an investment property and you want to add equity, maybe you have come into some extra money or maybe you just want a change for change sake.

Renovations can often require multiple trades and professionals depending on their size.  Finding and getting these people together and project managing them all so the project comes out as wished can be a challenge to an inexperienced homeowner.  Creating Homes has over the years collected and built relationships with various professionals, trades, suppliers and together with its experience can advise, help design, source, project manage and undertake works itself. 

We endeavour to do all this with the customer in mind, and although there will always be disruption and may be challenges to overcome along the way, we strive to make this process as easy and as stress free for the homeowner as possible.  Creating Homes aim is to bring your vision of a project to life and where possible exceed expectations.

Got a project in mind, give us a call and we shall do all we can to help get it underway.