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Is this a problem at your home?

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Did you know gutters that are not cleaned out regularly result in the following problems?

a. When the organic matter (leaves etc) in them begins to break down this creates an acid environment which can damage the interior coating of the gutter (especially metal gutters) resulting in damage to the gutter leading to leaking gutter issues.

b. If they begin to get too full or blocked, they may overflow, and water get into the house eaves and walls resulting in potential serious water damage to the building itself.

c. Due to the extra weight they begin to sag especially in climates where there can be a large difference in temperature between day and night. This can be unsightly, result in overflowing and traps further material making the situation progressively worse.

It is recommended that gutters and downpipes are cleaned out once a year preferably before the rains. However, if you have missed it for this year now is a better time than leaving it for another year.

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