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  • Alun Carter

Maintenance Tips for the Month

With the value of our New Zealand homes reaching ever increasing highs it makes financial sense that we spend a bit of time and money on ensuring that they are properly maintained. When we finally come to sell that for ever after home we ideally don't want it looking like this.

It is interesting that in general we look after our cars (<10% of house values) better than our houses. For example, they are serviced at intervals and require an annual WOF, let alone the regular car washes and repairs made when little Johnny scratched the car or that stone chipped the windscreen.

It is a fact that from the day our homes are built they start to deteriorate. Regular inspections of our homes can alert us to little things that need attention. Detected early most of these defects can be dealt to quickly and easily by the Left to fester they can lead to much bigger and far more expensive repairs which require a tradesman - and we all know how hard it is to get one of those.

So, to help homeowners we are going to provide a list at the beginning of each month of things to look out for. This list is not intended to be comprehensive or to take you long. As this list will be constantly evolving, we would love feedback and suggestions - at the end of the day this is your list.

So watch this space

Cheers Alun


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